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Update: Edit My Apple Product Roadmap by morepete
July 7, 2007, 11:02 am
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Think I really blew it with some key part of the Apple Product Roadmap? Here’s your chance to do it one better.

I have uploaded the file I created to SlideShare (unfortunately, they convert to PowerPoint, but I did it and brought it back to Keynote and it looks right). Feel free to take it, add images, remove some, add commentary and just generally get creative with it. Then, when you’re finished, upload your finished file as a PDF to scribd and send me the link – I’ll provide links to the coolest stuff you come up with.

Get the file!


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Hi, great job on the timeline…2 issues… You forgot the 512k and 512ke (my first mac), I had the external floppy drive as well!
Also I’d argue the iPhone is an extension of the nano, not the ipod. Flash RAM, no video out, small capacity…..being I expect an HD based phoneless iPhone soon I guess that would make it clearer.

Comment by stwf

Actually, a lot of models are left out – kind of on purpose. This chronicles only Apple’s form factors, not every SKU they ever released. So the Power Mac 6100 stands in for the Performa 6115, 6116, etc. It only creates situations part of the time.

Comment by morepete

Thank you for uploading such an intriguing map. Many people talk about apple’s business strategy but it is so refreshing to see it visually. I am going to take my time to see if I can add to your map but I wanted to drop a note.

Comment by wakako takagi

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